Many of you have probably seen on your favorite websites people protesting something called SOPA/PIPA. SOPA/PIPA aims to take away the ability for those seeking pirated movies or other downloads by putting the ability to end this in the hands of the entertainment industry. Websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, WordPress, and Pintrest can be held liable for any copyrighted material that is illegally on any of their sites. Sites such as these would be faced with either shutting down (which I wouldn’t blame them) or be sued in court.

These sites allow people to speak out about their beliefs in a world wide arena. Although I don’t have a vast readership here, I do enjoy the freedom I currently have to share my beliefs, faith and other random musings among those who may or may not agree with me. It is my right under the 1st Amendment under the Freedom of Speech.  However, SOPA and PIPA would give the entertainment industry as well as the government the ability to essentially bully people who do not conform to popular beliefs.

As a Catholic I feel very frightened at this prospect. Catholic’s do hold to some pretty “outlandish” truths and I would rather feel safe with my 1st Amendment rights than be worried that one bill can strip them away so the entertainment business can make a few more honest dollars. I also don’t want to see those rights also taken away from those I don’t agree with. Being biased is not cool.

There are two web addresses I want to share with you. has a great video which gives you the short version of what SOPA/PIPA is. is Google’s link and explanation of what SOPA/PIPA is and if you click Community on the top you can see the 67 major internet companies who have jumped on board calling for an end to SOPA/PIPA.

I admire the many people and companies stepping up and being silent in strike this day. I as a blogger am pretty poor at it and usually don’t blog as often as I should, that’s why I am writing to you all today. These bills will be voted on on January 24, 2012. Please contact your Congressperson or Representatives and give them a chance to know why these bills should be stopped or go through. Please become educated and share what you know. If you don’t stand for anything how can we stand up for ourselves.


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