O Radix Jesse

In a year I have a new readership base. The O Antiphons are my favorite preparation to Christmas and I wanted to share these short posts I have from previous years. Please check back through the rest of the week for a new reflection each day. Minor edits have been made.

O Root of Jesse, standing as a sign among the people’s; 

before you kings will shut their mouths,

to you the nations will make their prayer:

Come and deliver us, and delay no longer.

One of my favorite Christmas hymns is “Lo’ How a Rose e’re Blooming.” It is a melancholy tune that reminds me of the dark times that the Jewish people were waiting in. They didn’t know when their savior was coming, Jerusalem was under Roman occupation, the Jewish people were war-weary, and they were in a stretch with really no clear prophets.  Many had thought that God had forgotten them. Then we remember that God never forgets his promises.

Through out the Old Testament, we see many of God’s promises and how they were fulfilled. Through all the promises, God promised that we would be reunited with him someday. This wasn’t always easy for people to remember but it was a constant reminder for the Jews of that time. Today we have Catholics on every continent but we should remember that in many areas of the world Catholics are still persecuted. They are not seen as equals and are often treated as lesser citizens. We are still waiting to be delivered.

As we look ahead to the birth of the infant Jesus, we still must be reminded that we are looking forward to the Second Coming of Jesus. That coming may be with our own deaths when we are judged on our lives, or it may be the Coming of Christ in Glory. Only God knows the day and the hour.

On this day please remember all your loved ones who are not able to be with you this Christmas and say a prayer for them.


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