O Oriens

In a year I have a new readership base. The O Antiphons are my favorite preparation to Christmas and I wanted to share these short posts I have from previous years. Please check back through the rest of the week for a new reflection each day. Minor edits have been made.

O Morning Star,

splendor of light eternal and sun of righteousness:

Come and enlighten those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death.

Growing up in Northern Minnesota, I remember eating breakfast in the kitchen and looking out the window seeing the morning star during the winter months. It was the only star I could see with the kitchen light on during the winter months, so it had to be important. So too, the Wise Men found their star something curious to behold as well.

We know that these men had been following the star for a minimum of two years before reaching Bethlehem. We can make this assumption based on Herod killing all infant males that were two and younger. (Matthew 2:16) Think about it though, two years, following a star to God knows where, (pun intended), carrying money and provisions for the whole trip. These were men who probably had no knowledge of the Jewish law or if they did, probably did not ascribe to it, and they were still drawn by a star.

They were considered outsiders, people who would not have been accepted under Jewish law, but that doesn’t stop God. These were people who were in the darkness, separated from God, and they were drawn to a baby lying in a manger.

But now, what are we drawn by. Media is everywhere and there are many things trying desperately to gain our focus and our attention. I fail at this myself. I look at something shiny and am drawn off the path I want to be on. I search again, and I am caught in awe and faith by a star. So journeying on again I go, even if it takes me more than two years.


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