O Emmanuel

In a year I have a new readership base. The O Antiphons are my favorite preparation to Christmas and I wanted to share these short posts I have from previous years. Please check back through the rest of the week for a new reflection each day. Minor edits have been made.


O Emmanuel, our king and our lawgiver,

the hope of the nations and their Saviour:

Come and save us, O Lord our God.

Emmanuel, God with us.

When I moved back to my native Minnesota, I needed to get a new driver’s license. My Iowa license was still valid but, I still needed to take a test to show the state that I knew how to operate a car. I took the test and passed and now have my Minnesota driver’s license. No you cannot see the picture.

Christmas is so very close and in the same way the DMV wanted to know if I could drive; I can almost hear the Jewish people of Jesus’ time saying, show me. If you are God or if my God exists, show me. Just like we the people of today wanting everything at face value. The voices of many say, “A baby is our Savior? Show me.”

We all know the story of the Nativity. The star, the manger, the inn, shepherds, Wise Men, and the angels. They were definitely shown the way. Yet there are times when my doubting Thomas comes out, “Please God, show me.”


The Emmanuel wasn’t what the Jewish people expected. The Jewish people wanted someone who would free them from the oppressive Roman occupation. A great general, a fighter, an adult. Yet he comes, meek and gentle, waiting for us to come to him.

This can be said for our everyday spiritual journey. God waits patiently for us to come to him. We have choices to make through our free will. Most people would come running to a screaming baby left alone. Picture this though, Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem is content in his mother’s arms. He is unassuming and small. Will you come and be shown?


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