Faith as Verb

I hate grammar. I hate identifying parts of a sentence, I probably can not tell you the difference between an adjective and an adverb. Multi-variable calculus makes more sense to me. Who knows, blogging could be some form penance for me. However in my knowledge of English grammar, I can tell you the difference between a noun and a verb. A noun is a person, place, thing or an idea. A verb is an action or state of being. (Thank you Mrs. Angel my 1st grade teacher.)

This week, my parish is hosting a mission with Deacon Ralph Poyo, who is an amazing speaker and Evangelist. I’ve had the opportunity to hear him speak before but there is one line he often says that catches me off guard, which I am paraphrasing form memory. “Faith has two definitions, a noun and a verb. Faith as noun is the knowledge we learn from Catechism classes. Faith as a verb is the action that we take with God.”

Amid all the other mind blowing information he imparted last night I couldn’t help but think of my little corner of the blogosphere. What am I doing to act out faith as a verb? I have some head knowledge but how does it translate to my heart and how I govern my actions?

In my time as a youth minister and wife, I’ve needed to step out in faith. Where to take jobs, when to look for them, where I’ve moved to and people I associate with. Aside from that, I haven’t taken any bold movements of faith. I don’t speak up about injustice, fear and sin because I’ve let fear hold me back.

In the past I’ve been holding onto faith as noun, my books, conversations and gleanings from people that are far wiser than I. Now it is time to get moving into the right direction and live out faith as verb, to truly be defined by faith. This year I will revamp the site and maybe move off word press and share more of my experiences of living my faith rather than sharing it. Who is ready for a new journey? I am.

From here forward, I am going to try and have new content every Monday. That way I can share more prayers, plans, and ponderings. Let’s move forward in 2013.